How about I go first.

Here’s some stuff about me…

Yes, I do drop an “F” bomb when a subject merits a colorful moment.

I live by a statement that carries through to all aspects of life – “Why the fuck do you care?” (see that was one of those colorful moments).

Now, do understand, this is not a way to merely say “stick it” to everything and everyone. NO! Instead, see the statement for what it is.

“Why the fuck do you care?” Examples: “Why the fuck do you care about the gossip people talk? Why the fuck do you cry over some person who made you feel like crap about who you are, where you’re going, or the dreams you want to succeed in?

Now, on the other side of that coin:

“Why the fuck do you care about world peace, the environment, your family, your friends, your health?

The bottom line is to come to understand what truly matters to you and say “fuck what they think!” to everything else. You can find the answer in “Why the fuck do you care?” In answering this question for yourself you can begin to form what is truly important to you and your life. That is the beginning of the path of discovery.

Here is where I hope you’ll find some of that passion, that power – to surround yourself with the realization that it is you that makes the decisions that shape your world. No matter what any others might say, or their actions to pull you away from your dreams – it is up to you to harness the strength to push through, to conquer.

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