Never allow fear of change to stop you from moving forward. Do not even pay attention to the constant drum of voices from others that try to take control over your life. You must choose to stand up, you must choose to not go quietly in to the night.

There is a will inside of you – a power that at times lays so dormant that you don’t even realize that it is there. This power is what carries you through your hardest times. Those moments when you feel that you cannot go on another minute, that you cannot take another breath – that you’d rather die instead of carry on … but you don’t die, do you.

Instead that inner strength reaches through and pulls you from the clutches of agony, and although you are still crushed, defeated – you begin to put one foot in front of the other. You begin to stand again, to dust yourself off from the putrid dirt of life that has covered you for so long.

That strength lives within us all. If it was not there we would have bowed down long ago. We would have truly given up – but that is not who we are. Our situations in life are not what define us. It is our drive, our will – it is who we are at our very core that brings forth the passion to keep going! To live, to master our world, to conquer our domain – to tackle the unthinkable!

You have a choice in every aspect of your life:

– Getting up vs staying in bed

– Going to school vs staying home

– Being a conqueror vs being a victim

– Living vs dying

Every moment of every day will not always be a choice that you like, but there is still a choice to be made.

– Living vs dying

Even at our worst times, a choice is always present. It is what we do with that choice when it is upon us that makes the difference in how our lives will be shaped.

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