There shall always be those that tell you that you can’t do it.

That you won’t make it.

That you’re not good enough.

That you don’t have the skills.

That you don’t have the look.

That you don’t have the money.

That you just aren’t cut out for that type of dream.

And on … and on … and on …

Tempting you to quit on who you are and who you are growing to be.

They’ll tell you to “Forget about trying” or “You’ve tried and failed. Now you know you can’t do it.”

“Those” people are where I want you to draw your strength. I want you to take their nagging comments (the ones that eat away at your power to keep going), and to turn them to your benefit. Let those words infuriate you with a passion to keep going, to keep moving forward. Don’t dare give-up on yourself!

Use such negativity to drive you onward. To push you to put one foot in front of the other and conquer those obstacles in your way.

Will it be easy? No. Nothing worth anything in life is easy. Every dream demands to be fought for. Tooth and nail, drug through the mud fought for!

Yet, you already knew this – because you are one of those fighters. The one that will not “go quietly in to the night”. You will fight till the death, if that is what it takes.

That passion you hold, take a good look at it, because it’s you. It is who you are at your core! Embrace it and be damned any other that says different.

You are now and forever the writer of your own story – write it well, for it is your life.

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