Hello All; I know that all of us live extremely busy lives and that at times we do not even have five minutes to ourselves. So I apologize for requesting those precious moments, yet I am in need of your help. Each of you have traits as a dominant female, a strength that drives you to keep going every day, even when life hands you its worst. Of course not everyone has this ability.

For the past few years I have been listening to stories from teenagers, some just starting out and some directly in front of adulthood. These stories are ones of low self-esteem, horrid bullying, questioning on who they truly are (sexually, faith wise, etc.), self-loathing – the list goes on and on. In each story there is a feeling of being alone in the world, of not knowing which way to go or who to talk to. This needs to stop. Our youths need to be reminded of where they come from, of who they are. They need to see that others have come before them and prevailed – even on the worst of days. I need your stories, your positive messages, how you overcame your worst moments, or how you cope with the demons you still battle. These messages will be posted on www.notaporcelaindoll.wordpress.com. It is the beginning of the non-profit organization that I am putting together to promote individuals! To promote a person’s own mind, thoughts, dreams – all of the above. To not be consumed by the constant need to fit in with what their friends think and do, or what society tells them is the norm. To be able to embrace that they are different and that those differences are what makes them amazing.

The blog will be driven with a clear message, one that all of us know well – “Number one rule – f*%# what they think”. Yes, it is coarse – it is harsh. It has to be. For the path that our children must walk to make it through to adulthood has changed drastically since we were children. Yet the same underlining message has always been the same – be who you are, not what your peers or society wish you to conform to.

The blog will be brutally honesty. No sugar-coating. The message is that: we must all take responsibility for our actions. That we are accountable for the decisions we make in this life. That we have the ability to change, to grow – to conquer. While all the while showing the power of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-determination, and how that can alleviate the pressures of peers, society, etc.

However, it takes a village to raise a child – I need the strong minding women (and men) in this crew. In you there is strength that most others have never experienced. In you there is that drive to never allow the world to defeat you.

Should you know any other women in your life (men too), that can contribute to this message have them e-mail me at londonpublishing@yahoo.com. If you know teens or even adults who need that push of self-confidence, please let them know about www.notaporcelaindoll.wordpress.com. Have them join and see if our words can bring some “wow” moments that these individuals growing up in the world are not alone.

I have subject topics should anyone need something to write about.

You have my thanks,

J. R. Robinson

Not a Porcelain Doll co.

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