Please read. We must all build a voice with our stories. We must show that strength comes in many forms, regardless of race, sex, faith, etc.


Gone are those days when the woman of India was thought to be a mere servant of the household. She is now getting out pursuing her dreams. She is not bound now to be seated against the earthen furnace for cooking meals for the family, washing their clothes and nursing the babies and even the elders leaving behind all her ambitions, her abilities, her wishes to fly high in the horizons when she was an ocean in a young body.

Soon after she left her school she was being dragged back continuously for compromising her choice for her studies suggesting all the time that she is not going to live an independent life as a professional and the only destiny of her being limited to her husband and his family, helping to do all what a servant is supposed to do for a monthly salary. Her only life was limited…

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