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Life, the Obstacle Course

This kid actually KILLED himself, because he could no longer stand it anymore, from Yahoo!News…

A 13-year-old Staten Island boy took his own life on Thursday after students at the private school he was attending bullied him mercilessly, his family said on Friday.

and here’s a picture of this young boy…and, you still can’t see the pain behind that smile of his either…

Danny Fitzpatrick wrote a letter before his death that described the ordeal of dealing with bullies at Holy Angels Catholic School.

Modal TriggerIn his note, Fitzpatrick writes that the school ignored his complaints.

“He bullied me,” Danny wrote about one of his former friends. “They did it constantly until I went into a fight.”

and, here’s the teen’s suicide note…

Danny describes in the letter, which his family posted on Facebook, how after the scuffle, he fractured his pinkie, but the teachers refused to help.

“They didn’t…

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