Have you ever felt the disapproving eyes of those around you? Whether it be what your physical appearance is, the way you walk, the shoes you wear, the sound of your voice, where you live, what religion you are, what sexual preference you have. There seems to be so many places in which we can find others so easily willing to judge us without even knowing our name or our story.

This is not that place. Here you are free from ridicule. Here you can ask questions without fear. Not a Porcelain Doll co was formed to bring out the voices of those who feel that they have nowhere to turn to find answers, to be heard, or to just be accepted.

As the beginning of this journey begins I ask you to be YOU – instead of the mask in which you wear in front of the world. There are no judgements here.

No one is perfect. Everyone has a past. Everyone has a story to tell.

If you feel alone, helpless, invisible – if you do not have a voice, here is the place in which to find it. Sometimes our voices stay hidden, but they are there. All that is needed is for the light of strength to be sparked, so that the flame might begin to rage as the fire it was always meant to be.

Your stories are your own. They are your joy, your pain, your smile and your tears. Each story is unique and cannot be duplicated. Yet, when your stories are told and brought out in to the light it is amazing to see the power that they can give to another whom may be facing the same path.

For too long the voices that hold such strength have been silenced. It is time to rise up! To awaken your inner strength! To conquer your demons, your fears, and to finally silence “those” that wish you to fail in this world.


You are now and forever the writer of your own story.


Not a Porcelain Doll co – http://www.notaporcelaindoll.wordpress.com (Contact)


There are no judgments here. Remove the silence over your voice. Scream from the rooftops “I AM NOT A PORCELAIN DOLL!!”

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