So I’m weird, I’m odd? Why THANK YOU!

Differences in the world should be a thing to celebrate. Alas, this is not how the world today runs. Those that look, act and think outside the norm are thrown in to a category of being “weird”, “odd”. So what do you say to those comments when they say that you’re not up to par with what others state is the norm? You say: Why THANK YOU!

Why is this your response? Because you wonderful, odd, weird, strange individual – you are greater than the norm. You are capable of seeing outside of the box of the drudge of everyday life. You can think, act and look on a different level than those who try so hard to conform to what their surroundings try to dictate. You are the strange unknown that most others fear. You are the one they hope will not succeed in your life. Yet that gloriousness of “weird”, of “odd”, of “strange”, is your key to proving all of those who doubt you wrong.

The world fears change, it fears different. It fears you becoming who you truly are.

So at every turn when they try to use words like “weird”, “odd”, “strange”, all you need do is put that brilliant smile on your face, look them dead in the eye and say “So I’m weird, I’m odd? Why THANK YOU!

For once they know that their words have no strength over you they lose all power of destroying you.

Remember that many will revel in their power if they can make you believe that you are not accepted in the world. Understand that fitting in is not the answer if it is depriving you of who you truly are.

You are NOT A PORCELAIN DOLL – You were born to be great, you were created for a purpose. Do not allow others to dictate your worth. Their thoughts of you have no merit. You are the only one that can dictate what your life will turn out to be.

Everything is within you – draw from that strength.

You are amazing, wonderful, brilliant – odd, weird, strange. You are exactly as you were intended to be. Keep moving forward – you’ve got this.


J. R. Robinson




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