Understand that others will wish you to fail. There shall be those that wish you to stay in your place – to never grow to your potential. It has always been this way.

Therefore, it is up to you to prevail. It is up to you to prove wrong all of those that tell you that you cannot accomplish your dreams. To silence the voices of those that say you are not allowed to be who you truly are.

It is you that shall prove them wrong. Yet, know that you will need strength, passion and the understanding that failure is not the end. Failure, my warriors, is only the beginning.

To fail is a brilliant moment. Failure means that you have tried what so many others only dream of doing. In life we shall fall, we shall fail – but it is what you do with that failure that makes you invincible. Take those moments, those crushing falls and turn them into your strength. Do not allow them to become distant failures that keep you in your place – like so many people within the world hope you to stay within. Reach out from your comfort, for only then will you see how truly powerful you are.

Put one foot out in front of you. Now another step, and another. With each fall in the road that you experience allow what you have learned to stay within you. Let all the moments of your life push you forward.

Is it hard?

Yes. I will not lie to you. It will be the most difficult journey – because it is your life. Do not turn from it. Rush to fight what you wish to change. Learn, understand where you wish to go. Step after step, through the days, the hours, the minutes – keep going. Do you see it?

With each decision, each small movement forward, every fall that brings understanding – those are the moments that will carry you through to the dreams of determination, to change. It shall carry you forth to the real you that you were born into the world to be.

You see, you were not born by chance, nor by a mistake. You are here to accomplish greatness in this world!

This world needs you! Never forget that!

You are needed!

The world would be incomplete without you.

Dig deep within yourself, for there is much work to be done. You are here, now, this very moment to grace the world with who you truly are.


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