Here is a personal note about me before we begin the real topics.

Every subject that is written about on this blog has actually happened to me or has happened to the community of people who take their own struggles and strengths to share with you on NAPD.

All are welcome to submit writings on various topics.

The point . . . to be honest about the struggles we have faced, the pain that has been suffered, but also the strength that we have mandated from ourselves to overcome such harsh suffering and anguish. The power of will that is now present to fight each day for a better life – a better path.

All genders, faiths, race, etc are welcome here.

In the darkness of our struggles and our torments there are secrets, there are shadows that linger, yet together we might be able to create a place where others can come to find hope within the light of the strength in which we have inside of us. That those who need it might find hope to defeat their own demons by our honesty, our stories, our refusal to not go quietly into that dark night.

For we are now and forever the writer of our own story.


Now let’s get started on breaking through the darkness . . .

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