Are you afraid?

Are you worried you won’t make it?

Are you terrified to fail?

Are you concerned of what they’ll say? How they’ll look at you? How they will judge you?

Are you afraid that what the world thinks of you could scar you? Could cause you to doubt your abilities should you fall – should you not succeed?

Then know this – those that have mastered anything worth anything in life started just like you.

Every person who you envy, who you wish you were more like, started with a single step as an apprentice trying to find their own way through their own failures.

So, what is the secret?

Never give up – no matter how many times you fall, no matter how many times the world laughs at you.

Get your ass up, dust your ass off! Gather your wits, gather your strength – learn from your mistakes.

Take on the world!

Know you are going to fail and do it anyway! For that is how the apprentice one day becomes the Master – it is through sheer will!

The refusal to go quietly into the night.

Yet here is the truest secret of all in conquering this world as a Master of your domain –




For there is only one “you” within the world.

No matter if you are told that you are nothing special – understand such words are and have always been a lie. Those words have no meaning!

You are alive – there is only one of you!

You have a purpose – a reason for being.

Forget about others who wish to break you!

Get your ass up, dust yourself off and become the Master of your life – As it was always intended.


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