Why do we put so much before ourselves?

Every day there are fifty million things to do in order to get to the end of the day and by the time the day is done we’ve taken no time at all for ourselves.

Across the board, we all feel the pull of different directions demanding our time.

So here is a thought – Be SELFISH to be SELFLESS!

All of us have responsibilities that we must tend to in order to make it in the world. Some such duties include: being a parent, a spouse, having a career, paying bills, cooking, cleaning, taking the kids to events and of course that horrid constant flow of laundry that never ends!

Yet, during all of this, where in the hell do we find time for ourselves? Nothing huge, perhaps just an actual hot cup of coffee instead of a cup that you’ve reheated three times because you’re so busy that you keep forgetting to drink it!

Perhaps just two minutes to not have to listen to your kids argue about who broke whose toy, or the complaining about what’s for dinner.

The bottom line is this – you are amazing just as you are, but each of us needs a moment during our days in order to decompress from the hum drum that rushes us through our everyday lives.

So, I shall say it again – Be SELFISH to be SELFLESS.

You need to start putting you at the top of your priority list. You need to be the first thing that gets taken care of during your days. If you put yourself last you are not only hurting yourself and headed to a path of burning out, but you are also hurting those that depend on you because you will not be at the top of your game for the obstacles life will throw at you.

Putting yourself first does not make you a horrible person, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Putting yourself first helps you to keep the stress of your life down, helps you to feel better each day because you had a moment to push the bullshit away and deal with just you.

So, starting today, take time for yourself – even if it only starts out as three minutes. Breathe, do something you enjoy. Find a place where you can just be you and not be the demands that are placed on you.

If those three minutes are just to scream or to cry – let it out! Stress can corrupt us in ways that we don’t even see. Putting you last can cause so much pain, so much distaste for life in general.

Take time for yourself, for you are the only one who knows how to care for you.

Should others tell you that you are Selfish for the time you take for you, all you need do is smile. For their judgements mean nothing to your life no matter who they are.

This is your life, live it well – take care of yourself, for you are so worth the time and the effort.




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