What if I said “you don’t have it?”

You might become angry, defensive, scared. Your confidence that you had just a moment ago may seem to fade away as if it had never been.

Yet, what if I said “you don’t have it – yet?”

Would that one word “yet” make you think differently?

Perhaps it might not drive such a quickness to anger or fear.

As life is a journey in which we are always moving through, is it fair to say that we don’t quite have it – yet?

To have everything figured out in life would mean that the days of learning and growing would be at an end. We’d never be able to become better than we are right now.

To myself this seems like a horrible thought – I don’t want to be stuck as I am now, I want to excel way beyond what I am today.

Life is hard, brutal – but we are destined to push through all the crap, and find our ways in the world. We can accomplish great things as long as we continue to grow. To use the phrase “I don’t have it – YET!”

Because you see my friend, you can have it, you do deserve it, you have the strength to get it!

One foot in front of the other. The smallest move forward in the right direction puts you that much closer to the dream in which you are pursuing.

Example: Say that one of your dreams was always to learn how to play the piano.

“Just think, if you start playing the piano today and learn each day for ten years – you can say I’ve been playing the piano for ten years.”

The point is that there is always a beginning, always that first step in the direction YOU wish to be heading, not someone else, YOU.

There may come a day where you have reached the finish line to that goal in life. Thrilled that you have finally made it to the end.

Oh, but wait, now there is another dream that surfaces and the “one step at a time” begins all over again.

Take it slow, take it at your pace. Each day you may find that you are closer then you were the day before. Be thankful in those steps you are taking. Be fucking ecstatic at how amazing you are at pushing forward.

Might you fall? Yes.

Do you get back up? Fuck Yes!

One step, two step, three step until you “HAVE IT”

Everyday smiling at the thought in the back of your mind “You don’t have it – YET!”

For you are now and forever the writer of your own story.

Therefore, their preconceived ideas hold no power! Do not going quietly in to the night darling – for you are worth every breath, every moment of every day!



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