“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”  Confucius

In this life, one must come to a point where you realize that your journey is created by the steps in which you decide to take, or not take. Your choice, and your choice alone.

All of the ups, all of the downs – every step sideways and every moment in between, are created by the choices you make within your world.

Happiness is a grand emotion, yet it is the difficult – the hardship, that makes you strong.

Almost unbearable can be the days, harsh torment could be the nights – the cruel moments that plague our waking hours and our haunting dreams within the hours of sleep.

You are not alone in those moments.

In a world where posts on social media show how fantastic everyone else’s worlds is – know that you are not alone.

Trials, hardships, wreak havoc over all who live life.

It is what you do when you face those moments that determine how they will affect you today, tomorrow and in to your future.

Take the hardship, take the pain – feel the fall, but do not stay in the place where the fall leaves you.

Do not stay broken, crushed upon the jagged rocks that wish for you to stay low and small.


What creates your world is strength and determination to rise when that fall comes.

You are not alone – everyone falls, and falls, and falls.

It is your choice on what happens after that fall.

Should you decide to stay down, and allow that fall to consume you, that will become a difficult place to dig yourself out of – not impossible – but difficult.

However, what if you take the path less traveled and fight to get up again!

You are so worth the struggle, your life is worth the fight, you have the strength, you have the determination – it’s there inside of you, even if you don’t feel it every moment with you – it is there.

You are important!

You are needed!

There is only one of you within this world!

You are here for a reason!

That reason is for you to determine the greatness that you truly are!

So, fall, and fall again – but know your strength. Every day you awake to the challenge, knowing that you are you, you are meant for this life, your life. No fall can take that away from you.

You were born to be here, born for a purpose.

Let no fall, no person, no thought, take that from you!


“You are now and forever the writer of your own story. Do not go quietly in to the night!”



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